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AR Spiders & Co

Are your friends afraid of creepy spiders or scorpions?
How about you? Are you afraid?
Face your fears!

Univerzoom 3D Discover Scales

Univerzoom gives you the superpower to scale the entire universe with a swipe of your fingers!
Do you know the movies that show a Universe Size Comparison? Univerzoom is based on that idea but has much more to offer!

Zoom out faster than light and view our cosmos from a different perspective.
See how the biggest objects compare to others and get a real impression for size.

Toothbrushing Fun Timer

No ads! No subscription!
Improve the brushing habits of your children for boys and girls! Build a positive brushing habit!

When kids are brushing a picture is revealed and they will earn it as a reward.

Finger Maths Trainer

Introducing the Ultimate Finger Maths Training App!
This makes learning arithmetic fun and success comes quickly! Stars and levels are awarded as a reward.

The app was created in collaboration with educators.

Suitable for kids between 3 and 7 years old.


An interactive zoom through our universe with beautifully designed 3D models and interesting information. Great for kids to explore the cosmos and it‘s astronomical scales.

Hedwig Naderhirn

Oh man I love this app (so far)

This is like the greatest app ever. I get hunted and chased by spiders, scorpions, and even a crab shoot their webs at the crabs are the scorpions they attacked my screen they walk over my face. I can get them to walk around the room. I love this app (so far) the app is great no problem with the app whatsoever, actually, everything is great and it’s free (so far) iPad apps that I have liked a lot in the past that ended up not being free after a while that’s why I keep saying so far. I think it’s great so far it’s my favorite app so far without The so far, I would probably say it is one of the best apps ever made I mean I can make a spider walk across my face. How cool is that?


Worth the purchase!

multiple types of insects to choose from and you can make them do different things. a note to the developers: it would be funny if you were able to make a worm or centipede hang out of a nostril. also, a swarm of Asian murder hornets.

Marty Mathern

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